Trending: Red as a Pop of Color

Just another casual outfit I wear grocery shopping!

My favorite thing about fashion is that it’s a form of expression. The outfit I choose to wear is a representation of who I am and who I want to be. An every day goal I have for myself is to be confident and own every part that is me, the clothes I choose allow me to do so.

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with the red trend because it makes such a statement. Nothing says “I’m a powerful woman” like wearing red does.

The crazy thing about red is that it’s actually so versatile. It’s kind of like cheetah or snake print to me, I consider it a neutral. I don’t typically wear colors other than black, white or nude, so it works perfectly with most pieces I already have in my closet.

This is a serious plus because I don’t struggle figuring out how to style it or have to buy other pieces to pull it off.

Trending: Red as a Pop of ColorTrending: Red as a Pop of ColorTrending: Red as a Pop of Color

I went full force with color— red pants & red boots! Since the lower half of my outfit was bold I opted for a simple black lace top. BUT I’m dying to try out an all red outfit— top, pants, boots. How sick would that be?! I’m waiting for a really cool event to debut that outfit. I got so many looks walking around mid day in these bright pants, I can only imagine how many I’d get in wearing this loud color from head to toe.

Trending: Red as a Pop of ColorTrending: Red as a Pop of Color

These pants I got for an amazing deal at Zara. Unfortunately that was a few months ago so they don’t have the exact pair in stock anymore. BUT I found a ton of similar options that are just as cute and at great price points— some I want to buy for myself LOL.


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