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Nude lips are my go to. For everyday wear, for special occasions, for the club, for the movies; I feel most confident in nude lippies. What I love most about nude lips is that I can wear them with more natural makeup looks and more dramatic makeup looks.  I’m constantly going back and forth with my preference for natural, no-makeup makeup and glam, beat face, I clearly spent 15 minutes on my contour makeup. Whatever makeup mood I’m in, whether it be light or heavy, I still gravitate toward nude lips.

Some people might say “Why do you need all these nude lip products? They all look the exact same.” These people are fake and you do not need that type of negativity in your life. Okay, I’m being a little dramatic BUT these nude lip products are all so different. They have different finishes, different under tones, different lasting power, and are needed for different occasions.

Below I share just a portion of my personal favorites. Here are my top nine nude lippies:

  1. Mac Lipstick Matte- Velvet Teddy: One of my favorite nude lipsticks ever. This is a deep tone beige nude lipstick so it isn’t going to wash you out. I throw this on when I don’t have time to think about what color lipstick to wear. This is also my favorite formula lipstick. Its matte, but it doesn’t suck all the moisture out of your lips the way liquid lipsticks do. I get the most compliments on my lip color when I wear this.
  2. Buxom Full-On Lipstick- Sydney: My favorite my lip color but better. This is the perfect nude that isn’t to pinky or to taupy. I am obsessed with this color I wear it almost every day. I think I’ve gone through about three of these! I’m telling you Buxom lip products are slept on. This will be your new favorite everyday lip color.
  3. Buxom Full-On Lip Polish- Amber: BEST GLOSS EVER. Buxom again with the fire lip products. This has been my all time favorite lip gloss since I started wearing makeup. I bought my first gloss in this shade my freshman year of high school and it has been my favorite ever since. Amber is my favorite peachy nude gloss and it looks absolutely gorgeous with a nice tan. This formula from Buxom is my favorite gloss ever, not just this color. The shiniest, wettest looking gloss ever, it smells like yummy espresso, and it has that tingly feeling that makes your lips appear bigger. Take my advice on this one and buy this gloss.
  4. Kylie Cosmetics Gloss-Literally: I know some of you are skeptical of Kylie Cosmetics because its by Kylie Jenner. Regardless, of your opinion on the family, Kylie creates fire makeup products. I was skeptical about this gloss because I thought it would be too dark for me. But this gloss has become one of my favorite glosses ever. Its more pigmented than the Buxom Full-On Lip Polish, while still being shiny. Again, one of my go to products that I always end up wearing.
  5. Koko by Kylie Cosmetics Matte Liquid Lipstick- Khlo$: I genuinely love Kylie Cosmetics lip products and have tried so many shades of her liquid lipsticks. Khloe (mom) collaborated with Kylie to create her perfect nude. Since its Khloe’s perfect nude its no wonder its my perfect nude too. The shade isn’t too warm, too cool, too pinky, or to peachy. This is my perfect long lasting nude lippie.
  6. Mac Lip Pencil-Boldly Bare: I really don’t buy many lip liners because I find this liner works for almost all of my nude lip products. I strongly recommend investing in a nude lip liner that is universal and works with all types of nudes. Boldly Bare by MAC works well with all my favorites.
  7. Mac Lipstick Matte- Yash: Mac lipsticks are a classic and never fail me. Yash is slightly warmer and lighter than Velvet Teddy and looks more neutral on me. I wear this when I want a nude lip that’s a little softer.
  8. Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick- Pure Hollywood: The ones who did liquid lipsticks first. ABH is one of the best brands to do liquid lips. The formula lasts forever and while it still feels like a liquid lip, it doesn’t dry out your lips as much as some other liquid lips do. Pure Hollywood is one of my favorite pinky nudes.
  9. Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss- Undressed: The most pigmented lip gloss I’ve ever used. This is a gloss that is independent and doesn’t need another color underneath it. Its  a beautiful neutral nude that’s SO pigmented it’ll look like you’re wearing a lipstick.

These are the type of nudes I ask for. I hope this helps you on the hunt for the perfect nude 😉

A Whole Lotta Love,

Micakes XOXO


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