It’s the best time of year! Not only are the holidays here, but the annual Sephora VIB Rouge sale is also here!

If you’re a frequent Sephora shopper you know that they NEVER have sales. And if you like to shop at Sephora you also know how much damage shopping for makeup can do to your bank account. That’s why it’s so important to take advantage of Sephora’s VIB Rouge Sale!

Here’s what you need to know about the sale: Sephora has a rewards membership program constructed of three tiers. VIB Rouge, the highest level, where you must spend $1000 a year, VIB who must spend $350 a year, and Beauty Insiders who have a free membership. VIB rouge members get first access to the 20% off sale earlier in the month of November, and access again when the sale opens up to VIB members later in the month. This years’ sale also opened up to Sephora Beauty Insiders by offering a slightly lower sale of 15% off— now everyone has a chance to save some money!

I look forward to the Sephora sale every year. This sale is the kick off to the holidays and all of the amazing holiday sales. I start preparing for the sale about a month in advance by adding tons of products to my loves list. The hardest part is narrowing down the absolute must haves and deciding which products to add to my basket. To make your lives easier I made a list of my top 10 recommendations of what you should get during the sale.

Here are my top 10 Sephora sale recommendations:

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray1. Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray Duo, $42– I use the Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray every time I do my makeup. This last step melts all of my makeup together while also guaranteeing long wear. Normally one full size spray is $32. This duo of two full size sprays is only $10 more at $42 which is why you HAVE to pick it up during the sale.

Tarte limited edition blush bazaar amazonian clay blush palette

2. Tarte Limited-Edition Blush Bazaar Amazonian Clay Blush Palette, $44- The Tarte amazonian clay blushes are known for their high pigment and long wearing ability. I was dying to try a blush from them for the longest time but couldn’t get myself to pay $30 for one blush. When I saw this palette of eight blushes and two highlights for just $44 I knew I couldn’t pass it up. Face palettes like this are perfect for travel and for trying a bunch of different shades at once.

Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation

3. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, $64– This foundation gets so much hype and for good reason, but I have such a hard time spending $64 on a foundation. The Sephora sale is the perfect time to pick up products out of your price range you wouldn’t normally buy. If you’ve been dying to try the foundation now is the time to buy it, or if you already love this foundation like me, now is the time to stock up!

benefit cosmetics defined & refined brow kit

4. Benefit Cosmetics Defined & Refined Brow Kit, $34– This brow kit is an amazing deal because you get a full size primer, precisely brow pencil, brow highlight, and brow mapping tool for $34 at a $54 value. One precisely brow pencil is $24, so it’s so much smarter to buy this for $10 more and receive a bunch of other products.

Tartelette toasted eyeshadow palette

5. Tarte Tartelette Toasted Eyeshadow Palette, $46– I’m loving this Tarte palette because of all the warm shades and I’ve heard so many good things about it, but I have SO many eyeshadow palettes so I’m still debating if I’m going to pick this one up for myself LOL. However, 20% off is the perfect time to pick up any eyeshadow palette, whether it’s this one or another one you’ve been wanting to get but haven’t yet. Eyeshadow palettes are such a good investment because you have all the colors you need for a look in one place.

Benefit cosmetics the porefessional face primer

6. Benefit Cosmetics the Porefessional Face Primer, $31– Face primers are a must have for your makeup collection. The Benefit Porefessional is my holy grail for smoothing and blurring pores—watch your pores literally disappear right when you apply this. I always flinch when I buy this primer because it’s $30 for a small tube, but a little goes a very long way and I’m telling you it’s so worth it— especially with 20% off.

Glamglow let it glow! supermud set

7. Glamglow Let It Glow! Supermud Set, $69– My next recommendation is any skin care set! This one in particular is such an amazing deal because you get the full size Supermud mask, which regularly retails for $69, and three mini sizes of the Youthmud, Gravitymud, and Thirstymud. Which means you essentially get those three minis free!

Hourglass ambient metallic strobe lighting palette

8. Hourglass Ambient Metallic Strobe Lighting Palette, $62– I love these highlights because they give a soft glow without being too harsh or chunky. $62 is a little expensive for highlight, but I totally recommend you try this with 20% off while you have the chance.

Sephora favorites superstars everyday must haves

9. Sephora Favorites Superstars Everyday Must Haves, $75–  I received last years Sephora Favorites as a gift from bae and surprisingly loved it. I never thought about buying these sets for myself until I tried it but I’m so glad I did because the products lasted for such a long time and I discovered a bunch of new favorites! This is an amazing way to try a bunch of top rated products and it’s an awesome gift idea!

Buxom full on lip polish

10. Buxom Full-On Lip Polish, $20 (on sale for $10 this week!!!)– My HOLY GRAIL and absolute favorite gloss ever. I’m obsessed with this gloss because it’s super shiny and wet looking, it smells amazing (like coffee to me), and plumps! Also, this gloss is on Sephora’s weekly wow and on sale for just $10!!! Probably going to stock up on like 14 of them. JK. But really.


what i'm getting during the sephora salewhat i'm getting during the sephora salewhat i'm getting during the sephora saleAs you can see I’m still having trouble narrowing down my basket LOL. This is a rough draft of what I’m hoping to buy. Have you guys tried the Becca CT palette,  the ABH sugar glow kit, or Tarte toasted palette?? Those are the three palettes I’m kind of on the fence about.

I hope this helps you guys narrow down your Sephora wish list during the sale! Let me know if there’s any must have’s I’m missing that I need to add to my cart!

A Whole Lotta Love,

micakes xoxo


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