THE HAPA HOUR. I changed my blog name?? And celebrating 6 months of blogging. Hello, readers! Welcome to The Hapa Hour!

As you might have noticed, I changed my blog name from MICHAELAKEMNA.COM to THEHAPAHOUR.COM. When I initially launched my blog, I went back and forth between using my name, and creating a blog name. I spent an entire year brain storming and planning on making a website. Somehow, coming up with a fitting blog name was the most difficult task.

At the time that I launched my blog, my blog name brainstorming hit a wall. My two options were:


I wasn’t completely obsessed with either name, I never had a “YES, that’s it” moment. I even took a twitter poll on the two names and for the most votes were down the middle. I chose MICHAELAKEMNA, just because it made the most sense at the time.

Recently, I haven’t been feeling 100 percent about my blog name. And if you know me, you know I don’t do anything less than 100 percent.

My name is just my name.Through my blogging journey I’ve discovered my voice. My voice in my blog posts, my photos, even my outfits. I wanted my blog name to have it’s own voice and to represent who I am– more than just my first and last name. ‘The Hapa Hour’ is 100% me and tells my readers a little bit about me before they ever read my blog.

The meaning behind The Hapa Hour

Starting with the obvious, I’m Hapa. I have always been a halfsie. My parents are complete opposites, so that might be the explanation. My mom is Filipino and my dad is Caucasian. Filipino + Haole (Caucasion)=  ‘haole-pino”

What I mean by being a halfsie is that a lot of my personality is ‘yin and yang’.

Since I was little I’ve had a love for fashion and makeup, I inherited that trait from my mom. Growing up I used to draw clothes and call myself a “fashion designer” and steal my moms Mac Lipstick lol. Although, I love getting dolled up, I am NOT a girly girl. I’ve played sports my whole life, I love getting my sweat on and working out, and I love being outdoors, I get that from my dad. My mood is either beat face and a snatched outfit, or nothing- there’s no in between.

Being a Hawaii girl, my favorite place to be is in the ocean, at the beach, or hiking- I love the country lifestyle. But at the same time my heart has always been drawn to the city. I love how fast paced city life is, all the different things to do, and the endless amount of opportunities. I think one day I’ll live in a big city like Los Angeles, or New York City, but I know when I have a family I’ll come back to Hawaii. I dream of walking up to my LA apartment in 6 inch heels, but I also dream of living in the country with a big family and my hubby coming home to me in his pick-up truck. Most people tend to be city folk or country folk, but I’m both.

Even my boyfriend is a complete 180 from me. Sonny is my complete opposite. He is Mr. Aloha, friends with everyone, so chill, and so patient. I on the other hand am shy, take a long time to open up to people, am extra AF, and get a little sassy when I lose my patience lol. Although we are complete opposites, we balance each other out. He teaches me so much about life, and I teach him things too. It works.

Now that I’ve explained the meaning behind my blog name, here’s what you can expect from The Hapa Hour:

Blogging is my getaway, my bliss, my happy hour. I can’t believe it’s been 6 months since I’ve started my blogging journey. In those 6 months I’ve learned so much. I’ve found my voice, found my groove (hopefully lol) and found a schedule that works for me. I’m excited to have an official blog schedule!

The Hapa HourThe happiest of hours. New posts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!

Thank you to those of you who read my blog, and continue to support me. I’ve learned some, but have SOOOO much more learning to do. I’m so excited for what this blogging journey has in store.

A Whole Lotta Love,

micakes xoxo




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