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Growing up in Hawaii I’ve learned a thing or two about swimsuits. It’s clear that no one does kinis the way Hawaii girls do. Its facts, its science lol I mean clearly we do have an advantage since the beach is surrounding us completely.

I’ve always been a beach girl, sometimes I feel like I’m in a bikini more than I am in actual clothes. When your biggest problem is deciding what swimsuit to wear for the day thats when you know you’re living the good life, AKA Hawaii life.

There are different swimsuits that I love for different moods and different occasions. These are my favorites for the Summer:

The Designer: SWIMSUITS ARE EXPENSIVE. Crazy, crazy, crazy expensive. Living in Hawaii puts us girls under even more pressure to own designer swimwear because we are ~Hawaii girls~. Yes, I am guilty of obsessing over designer swimwear like Acacia, Mikoh, and Frankies, but owning dozens of $200+ bathing suits is hard to keep up with. Tip: Don’t buy not on sale.

I NEVER buy designer swimwear full price. EVER. I always wait for holiday sales, or end of season sales. I truly believe in investing in quality swimwear if you are constantly at the beach or in the sun, but waiting for prices to drop 20-50% is worth it. Vida Soleil┬áis my favorite place to shop online for bikinis because they always have amazing sales. I made sure to include swimwear already on sale– the others I’m keeping an eye on for when they do go on sale.

Every Hawaii girls’ favorite designer swimwear line is Acacia, here are my faves at the moment:

  1. Mesh
  2. Crochet
  3. Print

The One Piece: I’m so glad one pieces are back and I hope they stick around. I wear one pieces A) When I ate too much the day before or B) I’m planning to eat too much that day. One pieces aren’t boring and conservative like they used to be. There are so many fun one pieces that are just as cute as bikinis. These are my faves:

  1. Distruptive Youth
  2. Frankies

The LBB (Little Black Bikini): Just like the little black dress, the little black bikini is essential to every girls’ bikini collection. I wear a simple LBB when I’m having trouble picking a swimmie to wear (paradise problems). You should find a LBB that you can always turn to in times of need. My LBB is my safety net, my best friend, my uniform all in one. These LBBs are timeless:

  1. Mikoh
  2. Boutine LA

The LWB (Little White Bikini): Again, an all white swimsuit is essential to every girl’s bikini collection. Its summer all year round in Hawaii so I still wear my LWB past labor day. Although white can be a little scary to wear its beautiful with a nice tan. My fave white pieces are simple:

  1. Coulbourne
  2. Posh Pua

The Fun Print: You have your simple, timeless swimsuits. Now you need some fun prints! I love florals! These brands have some of the cutest prints:

  1. Benoa
  2. Stone Fox

My favorite swimwear for the summer. Featuring frankies bikinis.

A Whole Lotta Love,

micakes xoxo




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