In the past year I’ve really made working out and fitness apart of my lifestyle. To be in shape the way I want to be I workout about 5 times a week. This means I spend countless hours working out, sweating, and dying lol. From the trials and errors of my fitness journey I’ve found a few tools that make working out a little easier. Here are my 10 workout essentials that I can’t sweat without:

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1.High Waisted Leggings– I can’t workout without a good pair of workout leggings. High waisted leggings are the best because they suck everything in and give your booty a nice shape. When I look good I feel good, this goes the same for gym outfits. I’m going ham during my workouts and if we’re being honest here I don’t have time to worry about my legs chafing LOL (just being real).

2. Bluetooth Earphones– I’ve lost count of how many regular ear buds I’ve went through. Bluetooth earphones changed the game for me. These are so necessary because they don’t get in the way like regular earphones, and you don’t have to worry about sweat ruining them.

3. Workout Playlist– A good workout playlist gets me in BEAST MODE. I look up workout playlists on Spotify and listen to those. My favorite songs are pretty inappropriate and I wouldn’t listen to them around kids or my parents but they get me hyped. lol My top workout songs are 1. Work REMIX by A$AP Ferg, 2. Work Hard, Play Hard by Wiz Khalifa, 3. Purple Lamborghini by Skrillex & Rick Ross, 4. Pop That by French Montana, and 5. Really Really by Kevin Gates.

4. Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide Ebook– My all time favorite workouts. The guide is an ebook which means it’s accessible on your phone! I do these at the gym or at home. I love this guide because it keeps me on track and I hold myself accountable to the timeline. These workouts are so simple but so challenging. At the end of BBG I’m always drenched in sweat.

5. Hydroflask– A Hydroflask or any type of water bottle is necessary during workouts. I prefer Hydroflasks because I can load them with ice and they don’t sweat! ┬áLike I mentioned earlier I perspire a lot, what seems to be more than the average person, so I need plenty of water to replenish during and after workouts.

6. Yoga Mat– I use a yoga mat for my BBG workouts, ab workouts, pilates, or yoga. Getting a yoga mat wasn’t something I thought I needed when I first started working out but it’s now something I use almost everyday. I recommend in investing in a cute one if you like working out at home so you don’t ruin the floors or carpet.

7. Workout Towel– Self explanatory. I sweat GALLONS : – ) A sweat towel is necessary so I don’t ruin machines for the next person. I’m just trying be as considerate as possible at the gym and not gross everyone out.

8. Apple Watch– Honestly I didn’t realize how much I relied on my apple watch until I thought I lost my apple watch. Working out without it was NOT THE SAME. I love to use my watch during workouts because it tracks your heart rate and calories burned. I’m motivated by numbers so when I see how hard my body is working during my workout I get pumped!

9. Pre-Workout– I don’t like to rely on pre workout for all my workouts, but I ┬ádo use it when I’m feeling sluggish and not in the mood to go to the gym. I prefer to drink natural caffeinated tea rather than pre-workouts with lots of chemical ingredients I can’t pronounce. My favorite is Herbalife caffeinated herbal tea. But when I really need an extra boost I use C4. It’s not my favorite but if we’re being honest here I need it sometimes.

10. Herbalife Formula 1 and Personalized Protein Powder: This is my go to post workout meal. I prefer this over other protein powders because it uses soy protein (non dairy) rather than whey protein. I drink Formula 1 on its own as a meal, my favorite flavor is chocolate. After workouts I help my body recover by mixing in the extra personalized protein powder.

I’m by no means a workout expert, these things just work for me. Hope you guys enjoy!

A Whole Lotta Love,

micakes xoxo




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